mrdixon (mrdixon) wrote in god_and_sex,

Masturbation (I just had to!)

Ok, so I heard a logic argument that went like this.

The definition of adultery is having sex with someone other than your marriage partner.

Masturbation is having sex with someone other than your marriage partner.

Therefore, masturbation is adultery.

the obvious logic problem is in the premises, not in the conclusion, for if the premise holds true, the logic is there. However, is the definition of adultery correct in this statement. I say no! Because the act of adultery, by definition, must include another human being, and therefore, this statement is false.

So why, then, does my wife feel such terrible guilt when doing it, or even when using a vibrator. She believes sex should be entirely natural. No toys, no ropes, no oils or costumes. She indulges my desires on occasion because she loves me, but she would much prefer to do it in the comfort of our bed, long after dark, and to use only the things that God has gifted us with. When she knows I have been masturbating she is very hurt and upset.

Well, I hope this starts some fun discussions here. Understand I enjoy many types of alternative sexual fun, but this main question seems to be our biggest stumbling block.

thanks, Peace

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