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bringing spirituality into the bedroom

How can you get over it, that feeling of not wanting God to know what your doing in the bedroom? God obviously wants us to make love, and endorses what ever makes a couple feel comfortable. Yet how do you bring god into a lovemaking evening without feeling creepy.

I love to lite candles, burn incense and we have even prayed before sex. But praying before sex adds a spiritual side to it I'm just not comfortable with. And what happens when you pray to god that "all we do here tonight be pleasing" and then I can't get it up? What if we fail at lovemaking?

Maybe it's just the guilt associated with hiding it. Can't masturbate, it's evil (youth) can't have premarital sex it's evil. But suddenly, upon marriage, it's supposed to be a deeply spiritual connection between two people. Then why do I have to be quiet, and in the dark so the kids don't know?

I'm confused.
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