island_phoenix (island_phoenix) wrote in god_and_sex,

Something general

Hey everyone!
I'm new to the whole live journal thing, so forgive me if I don't exactly follow format. Anyways, just had a thought to throw out there to the masses...One of the main arguments I deal with when talking to people who are against homosexual marriage is that two people of the same sex cannot get married because in the Bible it species that marriage is a union between a man and a women. Now, I find that I have difficulty with this argument because even though I am in a serious and committed relationship with another person, though we're not married yet, I myself am in big trouble because I am engaged in premarital sex. Not just that, I also had multiple sex partners before I entered the relationship I'm in now. Now, if I followed the same logic people have when making the argument against homosexual marriage, doesn't that mean I myself, should not be allowed to get married? Just wanted to know what you guys thought...
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